Water Taxi Service

Members have complimentary use of the water taxi service during hours below.

Members of reciprocal clubs (if booked in advance) and rally guests dining in the clubhouse have complimentary use of the water-taxi service during the hours below.

VHF Channel 77. Callsign “Sea Echo.”

During busy periods there may be a delay in attending to members needs but the bosun will indicate the anticipated delay. If arriving at club during busy periods call Sea Echo VHF channel 77 from the clubhouse or use your own radio to contact the Bosun from the pontoon.


Summer operating hours

From Wednesday 27th March 2024 until Sunday 27th October 2024

Day Hours
Wednesdays 1000-1600
Thursdays 1000-1600
Fridays and Saturdays 0930-1900
Sundays 1000-1800

Where there is a public holiday on a Monday the water taxi will be available: 1000-1600

The weekend hours will be covered by a combination of our Bosun who will undertake the majority of the day and then qualified staff from within the clubhouse. On special occasions for events in the clubhouse, racing or rallies these hours may be extended again by using qualified staff within the clubhouse. Due to the dual nature of their role undertaking water taxi duties yachtsmen may have a slight delay.

FROM OCTOBER 1st the water taxi will finish at 18:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Winter operating hours

Will resume on Wednesday 30th October  2024


Day Hours
Wednesdays to Sundays 1000-1600

Club Tenders

The club has three tenders available for members use when there is no water taxi service.

As with all water borne activities the skipper of the craft is wholly responsible for the safety of the craft and its occupants.
The Jaffa, orange boat, which is moored on the disabled ramp. It is easy to pull up the ramp and keeps the bottom clear of fouling. Members may attach their own motor up to 4hp to the Jaffa and it is equipped with oars. Maximum number of occupants are 4.

If using the Jaffa, there is a white board on the wall by the entrance and users are asked to indicate they are using Jaffa and give their mobile number in case another member would like to use.

White rowing boat. This boat is only to be used with oars and maximum of 2 occupants.

Green rowing boat. Only to be used with oars and maximum of 2 occupants

Members are asked to return the club tenders to the pontoon as soon as possible and wear lifejackets.

All the dinghies are checked by the Bosun and are suitable for the role intended transferring people and equipment from the pontoon to their boats. If there are any defects, please inform the Bosun or clubhouse staff as soon as possible.



All bookings for the pontoon should be made by email to bosun@rsyc.org.uk.

Gins has a walk-ashore pontoon for member’s use which has power, water and Wifi. Overnight stays must be booked in advance and short stays of up to three hours are on a first come first served basis. RSYC members have priority of using the pontoon, however, visitors can book at short notice subject to availability.

We now operate a pre-payment system for all pontoon bookings. This is common industry practice but additionally, it will hopefully reduce a number of ‘no shows’ that ultimately lead to disappointment for others that are denied space. It will also mean that no payment will be overlooked – important in our endeavours to keep our membership fees as low as possible.

This will require that all enquires for bookings (including ‘short stays’) are made via email to bosun@rsyc.org.uk Please be sure to include your name, boat name, LOA in metres, length of stay in days and indicate your membership status.

Once your email enquiry has been received, if there is available space you will be sent a secure link that will direct you to payment. After, you will be sent an electronic receipt and your provisional booking will be confirmed.

In common with other facilities in the area, the following will apply with regards to any cancellation:

  • Over two weeks notice – full refund or a credit as you prefer
  • 24hrs – two weeks notice – a credit for your next visit
  • Less than 24 hours notice – a credit only if your visit is curtailed due to inclement weather. The parameters for this are; over 20 knots (F5) average from the day prior to arrival as per the ‘Weather File’ Lymington Start Platform measure;

Anyone wishing to book on the day may, dependent on availability, still do so – ch.77 ‘Sea Echo’ or by using the above email.


Visiting sailors: During peak times, bookings for visiting sailors will not be taken unless space is available at short notice. A waiting list will be operated in this circumstance.
Individual visiting sailors will not be able to book more than 2 weeks ahead for a short stay or overnight booking.

Rallies: must be pre-booked. Booked rallies will be guaranteed some space on the pontoon dependant on the number of members booked. A minimum of two spaces i.e., 6 boats when rafted will be available but additional spaces will be available if members haven’t booked by two weeks prior to the rally.

Pontoon Usage Guidelines

Royal Southampton yacht Club prides itself on being a welcoming and friendly yacht and ask that all users of our pontoon enjoy their stay and these guidelines are intended to help achieve that.


Electricity: Whilst electricity is available RSYC would ask that members and visitors limit their usage to strictly essential use as the supply because of length of cable is restricted. Multiple heaters and air conditioning will trip the circuit breaker at the end of the walkway which can only be accessed during opening hours.

Safety and Tidiness: All crews are asked to behave in safe and seamanlike manner and to keep their lines, cables, and gear tidy so as not to present a hazard to other pontoon users. The pontoon is 46m and can accommodate up to four boats with some overhang at each end and in reasonable conditions we can raft three deep. When weather conditions allow rafting alongside then dependant on weather conditions and requirements of alongside boat or Bosun those boats rafting should attach shorelines.

Courtesy and behaviour: All members and visitors are asked to always behave with courtesy and consideration to all other visitors and crews in accordance with the Rules, By-Laws, and guidance of the Bosun and Club staff.

Disabled Boat Ramp: Please always keep the disabled boat ramp on the up-river end of the walk-ashore pontoon clear. It is reserved for Club use and Club boats, or by arrangement only.

Mid-River Pontoon: The Club’s mid-river pontoon is reserved for long-term bertholders, but visitors may from time to time be given a berth alongside the mid-river pontoon, but no rafting is allowed. In these circumstances, the same conditions, behaviour, and charges that apply to the walk-ashore pontoon will apply to the mid-river pontoon.

The Royal Southampton Yacht Club will endeavour to prioritise pontoon requirements of our own members within the following guidelines.


Overnight: All overnight stays must be booked in advance. Whenever possible all overnight visitors are asked to arrive after 3pm and depart before 11am. Tidal constraints allowing. Please advise your ETA when booking. Occasionally the club will have events such as rallies where visitors will be using the clubhouse and restaurant facilities. These will be advertised to members in advance and if members wish to book the pontoon, they may do so up to two weeks prior to the event. Two spaces will be reserved for club members up to the night before the event

Short stays: Are stays of up to 3 hours only. They can only be arranged with the Bosun or Clubhouse staff on the day. Agreed arrival and departure times must be adhered to.
They are available to members, and, if they have table reservations, they may also be available to reciprocal members and visitors.

No pontoon space can be assumed to be available unless confirmed by the Bosun or Clubhouse staff.

Sea Echo: Do not moor in the space reserved for the Club dory ‘Sea Echo’ and leave adequate space for manoeuvre.

Dinghies and tenders: The short stay guidelines apply to dinghies, ribs, and tenders up to 8m, these may only be placed on the inside of the pontoon and with agreement of the Bosun. These vessels may not be left on the pontoon overnight without prior booking. All boats over 8m must berth on the outside of the walk-ashore pontoon, unless authorised by the Bosun, where the normal walk-ashore pontoon charges and conditions will apply.

Burgees and ensigns: Members’ vessels should identify themselves by displaying the Club burgee and ensign as appropriate within the Rules. Please also identify yourself as a member when hailing the Bosun on VHF Ch.77, Call Sign ‘Sea Echo’, when in range of the Clubhouse. Visitors should display their own Club’s burgee.

Rafting: All users of the pontoon must be prepared to raft with other vessels, you may be required to move your boat to accommodate other bookings to raft appropriately.


Charges and Payment

Short stay of up to 3 hours (RSYC members) FREE
Short Stay Visitors with lunch reservation at Gins Clubhouse (up to 3 hours) FREE
Overnight Stay (RSYC members) £2.50 per metre
Overnight Stay (Visitors) £4.25 per metre
Visitors Dinghies and Tenders (per night up to 4m) £5
Ribs (per night up to 8m) £10

All pontoon charges should be paid to the Bosun on arrival or at the Clubhouse during your visit. Members and visitors are advised that the pontoon is monitored by CCTV and even when the Clubhouse is closed an invoice for usage will be sent.

Approaches to pontoon

The Beaulieu River is tidal and has a stand at or near high water of approx. 2-2.5 hours after HW, the ebb runs strongly at an angle away from the pontoon as shown below. During the flood, the tide is gentler and angles onto the pontoon as shown below.





If short-handed, single handed or with restricted ability to manoeuvre please, during water taxi hours, contact the Bosun who will be happy to assist by taking your lines and advising on the best approach.

Skippers are always solely responsible for the safety of their vessel and crew. The Bosun and Clubhouse team have sole authority over all pontoon use and decisions on a day-to-day basis. Members and visitors must recognise this authority and follow any direction, instruction or guidance given by RSYC staff.

The best time to approach the pontoon is on the flood as the tide carries you onto the pontoon, however, there are shallows “Ackroyds Patch” on the approaches. If you are approaching from downstream keep to the middle of river with mooring to port and turn into the pontoon after passing the upriver end of the pontoon. The tide will carry you onto the pontoon on the flood.


There are transit markers on the pontoon/ walkway. When coming up the river from the south (and staying in the main channel), look towards the pontoon and you will see two transit markers: 1 red triangle on a post at the southern end of the pontoon and another higher up on a red and white pole in the background. As you approach further north these will appear to come closer together. The point at which they align indicates you are clear to turn towards the pontoon and safely miss the area of shallows. There are no depth concerns when approaching from the north.

Club sailing dinghies and kayaks

Many members keep a variety of sailing dinghies which they enjoy trips up and down the river, but we also have a member of dinghies and kayaks which members can borrow.

The Club currently provide:

  • 3 Pico single handed dinghies
  • 1 Wander
  • 1 Gull
  • 1 Cormorant

Procedures to be followed to borrow club dinghies and kayaks:

  • Please book out the dinghies and kayaks by emailing the Bosun bosun@rsyc.org.uk
  • Buoyancy Aids MUST be worn.
  • Please report any damage to either the Bosun or Clubhouse staff immediately
  • Ensure dinghies and kayaks are cleaned, packed away, and covered.
  • Pico sails should be rolled around the masts securely and returned to the rack in the container.
  • Wanderer and Gull sails should be stowed neatly in the boats.
  • Kayak paddles stored in the container.
  • Dinghies and kayaks must be returned to their allocated parking space.
  • The wanderer and Gull should be tied down on the trolleys with rope provided for safety.
  • It is the members responsibility.
    • To satisfy themselves that they are competent to use the dinghy requested.
    • To understand the tide and wind conditions for when they intend sailing.
    • To have the wherewithal to rig, launch, retrieve and stow the dinghy after use.
    • To leave the dinghy after use clean and tidily packed away with cover on. Please ensure bow is up so water drains away.
    • The Gull, Wanderer and Cormorant have all gear stowed in boat beneath the covers and are ready for use.

Beaulieu River Information and Tide Times

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