RSYC are proud to run a year-round race schedule of high quality and friendly racing where everyone is welcome to join us on the start line.

Our Full 2022 Racing Schedule

Crew Register

Whether you are a member or not, whether you are interested in racing or cruising, whether you need crew or are looking for an opportunity to crew for others, our Crew Register is open for you.

Just fill in a simple form and we will add your request to our crew register.  Your entry will not appear immediately but will normally be added within a couple of days.  

If you are interested in contacting someone on the register and their contact details are not published there we will put you in touch.  Please contact either Maggie ( for cruising or Lisa ( for racing.

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Race Results 2022

Frostbite Series

Double Handed Series

Beaulieu Racing Series

Twilight Series

Summer Series

Beaulieu Regatta

  • Beaulieu Regatta Overall
    • Race 1
    • Race 2
    • Race 3

Winter Series

  • Winter Series Overall
    • Race 1
    • Race 2
    • Race 3
    • Race 4
    • Race 5
    • Race 6
    • Race 7
    • Race 8

Charity Pursuit Race

  • Charity Pursuit Race

Class Lists, Entry Lists & Pursuit Race Start Times

Other Notices (Please also check Notices to Mariners issued by Navigation Authorities in the area(s) of your racing

All yachts using Southampton Water (whether racing or not) should be aware that any large ships entering and leaving Southampton Docks should probably be treated as vessels “constrained by their draught” or “constrained in their ability to manoeuvre” in respect of the Collision Regulations. 

Yachts should not only give way but also keep clear well in advance and in an obvious way.