The Club’s monthly charity draw.

The draw is easy to join, with payment by Direct Debit and the rules are simple:
50% to the lucky winner, 50% to the Commodore’s charity, the RSYC Trust.

The more members’ that take part each month, the greater the benefits for our charity and potentially you!

Tickets cost £5 each (you can pay for more than one per month if you choose).
Just email to get your Direct Debit set up.

Joining today means that you can be part of the next draw.

You can choose to opt-in or opt-out at any time (click here for the rules).

The RSYC 50/50 draw is a genuine win for the Club’s charity, which will use the money to support young carers to take part in a wide range of water-based activities and RYA sailing qualifications, and you have a fair chance of winning half the total monthly pot over the next 12 months!

Next time you are asked to contribute to a charity, please think of the RSYC Trust and join the 50/50 monthly draw.