Frostbite Report

The forecasts for Sunday 17th February built our hopes we’d finally have a decent amount of wind for this fourth outing in the 2019 Frostbite Series. Within 24 hours it was also clear that rather than staying in the helpful south east it would instead be in the south and tracking right as the day went on.

Race 7 was to start on the stand but with a view to the lower water towards the end of race 8, the Hound put herself in 7 metres of water north of Netley buoy. Royal Southampton was the first windward mark for that first race with Class 1 given twice around a butterfly course and Classes 2 & 3 once around a longer route including a w/l sausage between Netley and a laid mark on the Fawley shore. Both courses ended on a line between the Hound and a laid dumpy between it and the Netley shore.

The wind was making its way steadily right as forecast. To allow for that, a windward mark was laid near the Hythe moorings for the first leg of race 8 and the ODM swung through 60 degrees. The wind couldn’t decide to stay right but race 8 went ahead rather than delay as the sun went behind cloud and the temperature fell a little. The courses for race 8 were a similar length to race 7 with the same finish line but with allowance for the increasing ebb.

See our race results page for the full Race and Series results

Thanks to the RMT of
Tina Scott, Sue Neath, Sandra Rose & Bob Trimble on the Hound
and Julia Smith and Nathan Hamilton on the RIB
Special thanks to Natalie Hamilton for the photography.