Welcome to one of the most active and dynamic Royal Yacht Clubs in the South of England.

The Royal Southampton Yacht Club has a long and proud tradition among yachtsmen and women in the South and dates its existence under its present title from 1875 although it can claim associations with sailing for a much longer period.

The Club built its spectacular clubhouse overlooking Ocean Village Marina in 1988. But it was in 1875 that the Royal Southampton first blossomed into a yacht club with a royal warrant, re-establishing the name which had been in abeyance for some years. Its magnificent purpose built Victorian Gothic headquarters dominated the Above Bar area of Southampton for 70 years. It survived the bombing raids of WW2, but not the pressures for commercial development of the '50s. The subsequent purchase and refurbishment of a large hotel in Northlands Road however proved popular with members, particularly as it was adjacent to the then Hampshire County Cricket ground. Land was also purchased on the Beaulieu River around this time, and the 'Gins' clubhouse constructed, to provide a second, waterside, venue.

Now 140 years after the founding of the original Club, 51 years since the opening of Gins Clubhouse, and 27 years since the opening of the current Ocean Village Clubhouse, the dual attractions of a city waterfront location and the idyllic riverside premises on the beautiful Beaulieu River have proved to be a winning combination. These outstandingly attractive facilities enable our members to enjoy the Club’s extensive cruising, racing and social activities.

One of the Clubs proudest links with the past, the Queen’s Cup, is still competed for by the very best exponents of yacht racing. The Cup was originally given to the Club by Queen Victoria and is traditionally awarded to the overall winner of the years most prestigious sailing event. It has often been awarded for the first day of racing at Cowes Week and in 2012 it was awarded to the winner of the J Class regatta.