Membership of the RSYC

The Club welcomes new members, male or female, aged 18 or over, and although the majority of our members have an interest in either boats and boating, you do not need to be an established sailor to join the club and enjoy the benefits of membership.

We have two main categories of membership - full members and associate members - with reduced rates for family membership. Cadet membership is available for member’s children and their grandchildren whilst under 18 years.

There is also  business (affiliate) membership, suitable for businesses and organisations, which offers access to the facilities at the Ocean Village clubhouse from Monday to Friday.

Membership of the RSYC provides access to extensive water- based activities through a varied and year round racing and cruising programme both in the Solent, in Southampton Water and also further afield, together with a wide range of social events.

Subscription categories are determined by age or longevity of membership; see below for further details.

For full details on joining the RSYC contact the Membership Secretary, Maggie Puleston at or  tel: 02380 210877.


Guidelines and 2018 Fees

RSYC - Guidelines for the proposal of new members

These notes have been prepared by the Membership Committee to assist both prospective new members and existing members who wish to propose or second candidates for membership.

New Members

The Club welcomes new members, male or female, aged 18 or over. Prospective members can either be proposed and seconded by existing members or introduced by other organisations and referees. These formalities completed, we like to meet all candidates before their final election. The majority of our members have an interest in boats and boating but you do not have to be an established sailor to join the Club. We also accept applications from the world of business as well as those who simply wish to enjoy our active social programme.

Membership Categories

There are two categories of membership: Full Member with full voting rights and Associate Member with no voting rights. The Associate Member category exists for cadets, staff, temporary and Affiliate members.

Subscription Categories

Category A:

Members aged 30-69

Category B:

Members aged 18-24

Category C:

Members aged 25-29

Category D:

Members aged 70 and over having been full members for 5 years

Category O:

Overseas Members, permanently resident outside the UK at 1 January (or at date of joining) and for the whole subscription year

Family Membership subscription is available to couples in Categories A, C, D, & O. Each partner becomes a Full Member in their own right but at a much reduced subscription compared with two individual memberships. Family Membership is defined as spouse or partner in a relationship and residing together at the same address.

Children and grandchildren (up to the age of 18) of Full Members may become Cadet Members at no extra cost. Details should be included on your application form. Cadet Members can participate in Cadet activities and have access to the Clubhouses, provided they are in the care of an adult Full Member. Cadets aged under 14 are permitted in the dining and lounge areas of the clubhouses but not the bar area.

Proposing and seconding a candidate for membership

Full Members of two years' standing or more are eligible to support an application for membership. You should have known the candidate for several years so that you can assess whether the Club and candidate would mutually benefit. An active involvement in boating in its fullest sense is preferable but by no means essential. You will know from your experience of the candidate whether he/she would enjoy the amenities and activities we have to offer as well as generally supporting the Club.

You will need to disclose any professional or business relationship with the candidate and if the candidate is a relative.

As a Proposer, the Club would be grateful if you could arrange to attend your candidate's interview.

Membership applications supported by references

Candidates for membership are normally proposed and seconded by existing members but, if this is not possible, applications can alternatively be supported by personal references. These might, for instance, come from a Flag Officer of another sailing club, business associate or personal colleague. The Membership Secretary will be pleased to give further advice (Maggie Puleston on 023 8021 0877).

Membership application procedure

Please return your completed application for membership to the Membership Secretary at the Ocean Village clubhouse, accompanied by letters of support if appropriate.

Under the Rules, all candidates are then invited to attend the Club for an interview. You will normally meet a representative from the Membership Committee and one other long-standing member of the Club, both of whom will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If your application is supported by an existing member, your Proposer is also invited to come along. Interviews are usually on a Wednesday or Friday evening but the Membership Secretary will work with you to make mutually convenient arrangements. The interview lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

Election procedure

Following interview, the current list of prospective members is posted on the Club Notice Board for 14 days prior to the next House Committee meeting. During this time comments are welcomed from Members regarding any candidate. These are made in writing and confidentially to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Candidates then go forward for election by ballot at the House Committee. Letters of support, comments from interviewers and members are also supplied. In the ballot itself, an 80% majority is required for successful election.

Following the ballot

Successful candidates are notified in writing by the Membership Secretary, normally within a few days of election. They are invited to take up their membership which commences on receipt of an Entrance Fee, if appropriate, and Annual Subscription detailed in the letter. (The Entrance Fee has been waived at this time)

On the rare occasion of an unfavourable decision being reached by the House Committee, the Proposer will be advised in writing although the Committee is not able to give any reason for its decision. It is then the Proposer's responsibility to inform the candidate accordingly. Members are not able to introduce unsuccessful candidates as guests at the Club and they may not be re-proposed until after the next Annual General Meeting.

Subscription rates and entrance fees 2018

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1. The RSYC subscription year runs from 1 January to 31 December. New members joining during the year are invoiced pro rata, reckoned in twelfths of the annual subscription.

2. All prices quoted are VAT exempt.

3. Members paying annually by direct debit receive a 2% discount.

4. Monthly payment of subscriptions will only be accepted by direct debit and includes a 4% administration charge.

5. The age requirement is as at 1st January (or date of joining during a subscription year). Where Family Membership is concerned, the Subscription Category is determined by the age of the older member.

To download a Full Membership application form please click here