First Steps to Restarting Racing

As of 27th May:  
As government regulations have relaxed enough to allow us to go out on the water once more, we have been considering whether we can safely restart racing while strictly conforming to the guidance from both the government, the harbour authorities and the RYA. We believe that we have found a formula that will allow us to do this, and we plan to start Family/Household Thursday Evening Racing in Southampton Water, with all proceeds being donated to the RNLI.

To keep within the guidelines the races will be double-handed, with two members of the same household on board. They will be pursuit races, where the slowest boats start first and whoever is at the front at the finish time is the winner. At least initially no spinnakers will be used. We believe that this is the safest format of racing and it involves no social gathering either before or after the race. As government guidelines evolve so will the format of these races.

If you have a household member who can race with you this is your chance to have some fun while exercising. If we have sufficient people interested we hope to hold the first event starting at 1830 on Thursday 4th June. If your boat is still out of the water you can join in whenever you are ready.

If you are interested, you will find more information in the Notice of Race on the "Race Documents" tab on the web site.  If you would like to enter click here.

It is still too early for us to start our ever popular Double Handed Series races, and we will not be able to run the Island Double on its scheduled date of 13th June. It is one of our most popular races and we are hoping that we will be able to reschedule it to later in the year.