Introducing young people to sailing

The RSYC believe that young people, irrespective oftheir background and circumstances should have the opportunity to participatein our sport.

The RSYC Trustunder the direction of the Trustees Brian Hinde, Capt. Martin Phipps MBE andmyself continues to work with young disadvantaged people with focus on youngcarers in Hampshire giving them opportunities to sail and participate in otherwater activities.

Since the Trustwas formed in 2015 we have now introduced hundreds of these young people tosailing and many of them have now embarked on the Royal Yachting Association YouthSailing Schemes. As a measure of their commitment one Young Carer girl fromRomsey part funded her own RYA course by raising money on a charity run.

Our record in2019 for young people involved in the RYA Youth Sailing Scheme is:

RYA Stage 1 Certificate- 35

RYA Stage 2 Certificate- 14

RYA Stage 3Certificate - 10

RYA Stage 4 Certificate- 7

These areterrific results as those with Stage 3 and above are now able to sail withoutsupervision and shows the determination of the children and instructors.

The feed-backwe get from young carers is amazing. The effect that sailing a dinghy on theirown has been amazing by building confidence, working as part of a team, a senseof accomplishment, building new skills, meeting other young people they canrelate to, providing respite from their carers duties and improving physicaland emotional health.

You can help bydonating to the Trust or giving some of your time as a volunteer to theTrust. We have recently appointed twofurther Trustees but need more volunteers especially those with skills andexperience in fundraising, media reporting and marketing. Please let me know if you would like to beinvolved.

Our final sailing session for young carers in 2019will take place at Gins on  October 31.