£4 million investment for prop manufacturer

Seawork International, the marine industry’s dedicatedshowcase for the commercial marine and workboat markets., closed its doors thisevening on a high note with confirmation of one of the marine industry’slargest single investments of the year.

The exhibition provideda unique combination of undercover exhibition space, open air demonstrations andfloating displays, all occurring in the waterfront atmosphere of Southampton’sMayflower Park.

The investment was confirmed by exhibitor, Southampton=basedCJR Propulsion by announcing the installation of £4million of new manufacturingequipment at its Southampton facility.

Representing one of the marine industry’s largest single investmentsof 2018, the newly commissioned apparatus, and related software, will integrateseamlessly with CJR’s existing computational fluid dynamics department and accordingto the firm will create an end-to-end, data-driven design and manufacturingprocess, boasting high levels of automation.

The company hopes the new equipment will help position thecompany as one of the world’s most technically advanced propulsion experts and,over time, help improve quality and efficiency standards across the industry,as CJR Propulsion’s managing director, Mark Russell, explains:

'On a recent project, the customer estimated they will saveten percent on their annual fuel bill because of our props, so there are real,tangible benefits for boat builder or end user. We also know we can cut thetime from initial contact to delivery by over 60 percent on new projects,without adding anything to the final cost so, across the board, this is greatnews for all our clients.'

To house the new equipment, CJR Propulsion has acquired anadjacent facility to its Southampton works, increasing its manufacturing spaceby more than 50 percent. The company is also providing existing staff with theopportunity to retrain to ensure the increased levels of automation doesn’tresult in job losses.

The exhibition itself was openedby UKMaritime Minister, Nusrat Ghani. and embraced 18,000m² of undercover space spreadover two purpose-built exhibition halls, purpose built pontoons for more than70 vessels and floating exhibits, providing Demonstrations out on the water, Quaysidearea for trailers, large exhibits and outdoor demonstrations and conference andmeeting facilities.