Great teamwork at Gins

Rob Thomson and June Greenwood

Full marks to the Gins team for their heartwarming response to an emergency on the river.

It happened during a function at Gins when two men were spotted in difficulty the river.

They were rowing ashore from a mid-river pontoon when their dinghy capsized. The pair, who were not RSYC members, managed to swim back to the pontoon. But it was dark and the water bitterly cold.

The Gins team called the Coastguard, and the Costguard in turn alerted the ambulance service and brought them to the Gins Clubhouse where Clubhouse manager June Greenwood and chef Rob Thomson put them in hot showers, fed them and provided hot drinks, blankets and care until the ambulance arrived.  One of them was quite poorly through the cold temperatures.

RSYC general manager Donna Redford said later: "Both the Coastguard and the pair were very appreciative of the care provided."

But she re-iterated the Coastguard plea to members of the absolute need for life-jackets to be worn at all times. This had undoubtedly saved the lives of the two men on this occasion.